goldsmiths2017-informatics of domination

A few threads

(1) science fiction narratives, biopower, queer science, the dominant factors

(2) science deficiency, the glitch, viral love, bio hack, intervention vs. invention
[UKI open call :30] [UKI viral 5:30] [UKI-enter the bionet] [FLUIDØ opening sequence 4:00]

(3) embody the bodies, “they” took the M/F toilet, passing, passed, skin activated
[BRANDON] [brandon rhizome interview]

(4) fluid, fluidity, contagion, contagiousness, eject, ejaculation, technology speaks
[ejaculation fluid 00:38]

(5) materiality, the obsolete and the immortal, my ephemeral self lives forever
[Bodies of planned obsolescence] [iletronis] [Locker Baby Project] [baby work -installation] [composting the city] [composting the net] [composting performance transmediale]

(6) collective, society, tribe, we do network, encrypted network of resistance
[take2030] [mycelium network society] [zero gen]

(7) data and code streams, cypherpunk, pissing as an act of encrypted code writing.
[pissing coding 1:00]

We read
500 slogans written by Matthew Fuller for Moving Forest, realized by AKA the castle.