Exit the Superhighway, Enter the BioNet

We are infected. We are the virus. We enter the BioNet.
By year 2060, The Net as we know it has crashed. The Genom Corp. who established itself as Net Porn empire and profited from collected human orgasm data in the late XXth century, takes human body hostage to initiate BioNet, a network made up of micro-computing red blood cells (erythrocytes) programmed to re-condition our sexual desires. This is the brand new Liquid Future in which farmlands are left barren; bodies infused with synthetic liquid food; hackers encrypt with pissing codes, branded tattoo launches channels of communication; biometric scanners embedded in palms; altered databody claims fluid genders. We learn to love the virus. We are the virus, mutated replicated mobilized, we enter the BioNet to sabotage the big daddy within and reclaim stolen orgasm data.

the Body the Harddrive the Pussy the Matrix the Orgasm the Data collectible.

"Bodies are packages made to be opened"
- I.K.U. (2000)

What do you do with expired androids, robots, replicants?
UKI - a viral performance viral game
[UKI performance documentation] (2009-2014) [UKI open call for viral jam] (sight & sound, 2014) [UKI - enter the bionet] (imaginarium,2014) [UKI - enter the bionet] (Piksel,2014)

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