- A plenary meeting session in 12 hours, 5 acts , 2 interludes.
- Plus the optional epilogue.
- 7pm, March 25 to 7am, March 26, 2006
- Lime House Townhall, East London

- admission by a piece of raw
(blabla, codes, guts, meat, fish, veggie ++++++++++)

a <KOP> + xxxxx collaboration
in association with Open Congress and Boxing Club
in conjunction with Node London

We invite media practitioners , cultural workers , Pders and all speculative coders in any chosen language, who are part or not part of NodeL as speakers, moderators, performers, and participants for PLENUM's 12 hour tour de force. With an aim at developing a working module for agenda setting and self-organization, PLENUM further explores the tension between the individual and the group voice, the human material and machine factor, the coming together and the falling apart, ultimately, the potential escalation of arguments leading to the (un)aviodable crash of self-made social units. Hopefully, a final walk out to River Thames at sunrise would revive the drained codes and souls.

Totally Expanded Software Exercise Bike Supreme Work Out

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